Do You Know the Common Signs That Your Dryer Needs Repair?


A dryer is an essential piece of equipment in your household that helps to dry your clothes after a wash. It's a lifesaver on those wet days when you need to dry your clothes in a hurry. However, like other appliances in your home, a dryer can also break down over time and may indicate that it needs repair. This post will highlight some common signs that your dryer needs repair so you can identify them before it's too late.

Your dryer is not producing heat: 

One of the most obvious signs that your dryer needs repair is when it's not producing heat. If your dryer isn't producing any heat, it means that the heating element is possibly broken. Failure of the heating element is a common issue and can easily be resolved by a professional dryer repair technician.

Your dryer is taking too long to dry clothes: 

Another common sign that your dryer needs repair is when it's taking too long to dry your clothes. If you notice that your dryer is running longer than usual with no significant changes, it's time to call in a professional. Failure to address this may lead to a buildup of lint in your dryer, which could cause a fire.

Your dryer is making unusual sounds:

 If your dryer is making unusual sounds like rattling or squeaking, it's another sign that it needs repair. The noise could be due to a loose or broken part, such as a belt or drum roller. Call in a professional technician to check your dryer and replace the broken parts.

Your dryer produces a burning smell: 

A burning smell could be dangerous and needs immediate attention. It's possible that some lint has clogged the dryer vent, which could lead to a fire. If you notice a burning smell from your dryer, turn it off immediately and call a professional dryer repair technician to fix the problem.

Your dryer has stopped working: 

If your dryer has stopped working altogether, it's an obvious sign that it needs repair. Before calling a technician, ensure that the power outlet and circuit breaker are working correctly. If the power outlet and circuit breaker are in perfect working condition, there could be other issues, like a faulty thermal fuse or even a broken start switch.

Don't ignore the warning signs that your dryer needs repair. Prompt action can save you time and money and even prevent dangerous situations like dryer fires. If you notice any of these signs, it's time to call in a professional technician to repair your dryer. With proper maintenance and care, your dryer will give you many years of service.

For more information on residential dryer repair, contact a professional near you.


17 October 2023

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