How To Troubleshoot A Clothes Dryer That Won't Start


A clothes dryer that won't spin or won't start at all can be a frustrating inconvenience. Any clothes dryer can experience an unexpected breakdown, but the problem isn't always so serious. Here are the steps you should take when your clothes dryer won't start.

Check for Power Interruptions

When your dryer doesn't make any noise or respond at all, it's natural to suspect a power interruption. Sometimes, a clothes dryer can work its power cord out of the outlet as it vibrates while it's running.

Make sure the power cord is securely connected to the outlet and the back of your dryer. If there is any fraying or other signs of damage in the dryer cord, disconnect it safely and look for a replacement. Finally, don't forget to check the breaker for your dryer in your home's electrical panel.

Make Sure the Door Seals Properly

Modern dryers use a door switch to ensure that the door is closed before the drum starts spinning. If the door switch malfunctions, your dryer may fail to start as a safety measure.

In some cases, the door switch may simply fail to engage due to a blockage in the seal of the door. Check the edges of your clothes dryer door for any obstructions that could prevent it from sealing completely.

Listen for Strange Noises

Sometimes, you will hear strange noises from your dryer when a mechanical failure prevents it from spinning. For example, a knocking or flapping noise could be caused by a broken belt that spins when you try to use your dryer.

Grinding, scraping, or squealing noises could be signs of problems in your clothes dryer drum track. A blockage in the track or worn bearings may hold the drum in place and produce these unpleasant sounds. In other cases, these noises may come from a failed drive motor.

Call an Appliance Service Professional

A clothes dryer lasts between 7 and 12 years on average. While modern dryers provide a long service life, they will all eventually need professional repair or replacement. A local appliance service contractor can tell you with certainty whether your dryer needs repairs or has simply reached the end of its life. 

Many mechanical problems that can occur in a clothes dryer are unsafe or difficult for most homeowners to repair. Get in touch with a residential clothes dryer repair professional and keep their contact information so you can solve the problem quickly if your dryer won't start.


31 January 2023

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