3 Warning Signs Your Washer And Dryer Needs Repair Services


Manufacturers strive to make durable washers and dryers. But these appliances will malfunction at some point. In most cases, if a malfunctioning dryer or washer doesn't fail entirely, it contributes to high energy bills.

Thus, it is crucial to learn the warning signs that your washer or dryer needs repairs. Knowing these signs of a malfunctioning dryer or washer enables you to schedule prompt repairs before a breakdown occurs. 

Here are common signs you need to schedule washer and dryer repairs

1. Washer Doesn't Fill 

If your washer doesn't fill, it might have a damaged water inlet valve. The inlet valve regulates the flow of water into the washer. Hence, if the valve incurs damage, it could restrict the flow of water, causing the washer not to fill. 

If your washer doesn't fill up, you should call a washer and dryer repair contractor to replace the valve. 

2. Washer Overflows 

If your washer fills but overflows, the washer's pressure switch might have an issue. The pressure switch detects the weight of the load and water in the washer. When the weight reaches the maximum load capacity, the pressure switch closes the water inlet valve to prevent an overflow.

Hence, if the pressure switch malfunctions, it fails to detect the weight in the dryer. Thus, it doesn't shut off the inlet valve resulting in an overflow.

If the pressure switch is only malfunctioning, a washer and dryer repair contractor can fix it. But, if the pressure switch has sustained irreparable damage, it is best to have a washer and dryer repair contractor replace it. 

3. Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry a Load

After using a dryer several times, you should know how long it takes to dry various load sizes. Thus, if the dryer takes longer to dry the loads, you either have clogged vents or damaged heating elements.

A dryer's vents remove moisture from the dryer chamber, allowing your laundry to dry quickly. But if the ducts become clogged by lint and dust, the moisture remains in the dryer chamber. Hence, your laundry takes longer to dry. 

Thus, before calling a washer and dryer repair contractor, first, check if your dryer vents have clogged. If so, clean them out and check if the dryer takes the appropriate time to dry a load. If the dryer still takes a long time to dry a load, the next possible culprit is the heating elements. 

The heating elements work like a furnace. They provide heat to the dryer so that it can evaporate the moisture on wet clothes and dry them. But when some heating elements suffer damage or burnout, the heat they produce reduces. As a result, the dryer takes longer to dry a load. 

Hence, if your dryer takes a long time to dry, call a washer and dryer repair contractor to replace the damaged heating elements. 


26 July 2022

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