2 Signs Your Refrigerator Needs Immediate Professional Attention


While you use your refrigerator every day, you may take for granted the amount of work it must do to keep your food cold and fresh. Because it must run constantly day and night, the workload it must carry could cause the appliance to break down at any given time, especially as the fridge gets older.

Fortunately, there are warning signs for which you can look that indicate possible issues with it that need to be fixed before the refrigerator breaks down completely. Below are a couple of those signs that mean that it needs professional refrigerator repair.

1.  Condensation Builds up in the Refrigerator Section While Ice Forms in the Freezer

One sign which indicates a serious problem with the way your refrigerator is functioning is the presence of condensation in the fridge section while ice forms in the freezer. If there is excess moisture present, this means that the temperatures of your food are most likely not staying consistent.

If this is the case, the repair service will usually check the coils to make sure they are clean, as well as the condenser. They can then address the issue by either giving the appliance a good cleaning or changing out the faulty part.

2.  Water Puddles Form on the Floor Underneath the Appliance

Another sign that you should have a professional take a look at your fridge as soon as possible is finding water puddles on the floor underneath the appliance. There are a couple of potential sources of the water that the repair person will check.

First, if you have an icemaker in the freezer, the hose may have split and need to be replaced. Second, the excess moisture forming because of a faulty condenser could be enough to run out of the fridge and collect on the floor.

If the freezer section has ice building up while condensation forms in the fridge compartment and puddles are found on the floor, your refrigerator needs repairs in soon as possible to keep it from breaking down completely. Even if you believe that just a simple cleaning of the coils would help, there is a greater chance that there is something more serious causing the issues. Do not delay, and contact an appliance service in your area that offers refrigerator repair services to have them diagnose the problem so that the necessary actions can be taken to fix it.


24 September 2021

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