3 Surefire Signs Your Range Needs Repairs


If you own a gas range, you can expect it to last about 15 years. If your range is electric, it should last around 13 years. If your range is nearing its expected lifespan, you might think about replacing it. This is especially true if you use it a lot for cooking. If your range isn't quite that old and starts having problems, you shouldn't need to replace it just yet. In many cases, your range might simply need repairs.

Here are three surefire signs your range needs repairs.

1. The Burners Do Not Turn On

If you turn the dial on your electric range but the burner doesn't come on, there could be several reasons for it. One reason the burner does not turn on is that it simply doesn't work anymore. This could be due to the fact it's old or has received too much wear and tear. In this case, you may need to replace the entire burner.

In other cases, the burner socket either has a bad connection or a faulty infinite switch. The infinite switch is connected to the dial that turns the burner on. If you have a gas range and the burner won't light, it could be due to a faulty electrode. If you don't know why your gas burner won't light or electric burners won't turn on, contact a professional who does range repair.

2. You Notice Smoke

You might notice smoke if you're cooking something and it gets too hot or the food starts to burn. You might also notice smoke if the range protectors under the burners have food or other particles inside. When these particles get too hot, it might start to smoke. If you have just cleaned your range and you're not burning your food, you probably need range repair if you notice any smoke.

3. Your Food Does Not Cook Right

When you put your food in a pan, does it seem to take forever for it to cook? Does boiling water seem to be taking longer than usual? You might even notice the opposite problem in that your food cooks too quickly. 

In other instances, you may notice that food from the same pan is cold in some parts but hot in others. If your food just isn't cooking right, it might be a problem with your burners or something else in your range. No matter what the problem is, it might be time for range repair.


20 January 2021

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