Fixing Common Blu-Ray Player Issues


Although normally quite resilient, Blu-Ray players can become subject to a number of issues that might require some form of repair. Repairing a home appliance, like a Blu-Ray player, can sometimes be a difficult task. If you have difficulty fixing any of the issues listed, it is recommended that you contact a professional repair person to fix the issue for you.


The main apparatus that works towards playing your Blu-Ray is a small optical laser. Although most Blu-Ray players are enclosed, which helps protect it from dust, this optical laser can become quite dusty simply by dint of usage. A dusty optical laser drive can cause errors in playback or will occasionally not read your disc at all. If you have found that your optical laser drive has become quite dusty, there is one sure fire way to sufficiently clean it. You can purchase a Blu-Ray head cleaner at most electronic stores. This device looks much like a Blu-Ray. You simply put it in your disc drive and follow the instructions either on the head cleaner's box or as they appear on the screen.


Your Blu-Ray player has an operating system that is generally referred to as its "firmware". The operating system is essential in telling your Blu-Ray's optical laser drive when to read something and at what speeds. Occasionally, this firmware is updated in case there are any issues or bugs associated with it. Sometimes, your Blu-Ray player's firmware will become the subject of a viral attack. Updating your firmware is usually the best response to either of these problems. Although every Blu-Ray model has a different means and instructions for updating the firmware, most firmware updates involve a step in which you burn the software to a CD, place the CD in the Blu-Ray player, and follow the installation instructions that appear on the screen.


If the issue with your Blu-Ray player boils down to its hardware, you might want to open it up. Check for any loose connections, such as unseated cables and unplugged motherboards. If you can't detect a problem with any connections, it is probably in your best interest to take your player to a trusted repair person.

Blu-Ray players can become susceptible to a number of issues if they are not well maintained. Make sure to take proper care of your Blu-Ray player by making sure that it is clean and ensuring that it is placed in a dry, smoke free environment. For more information, contact companies like Appliance Tech Repair LLC by Frank Lecato.


8 February 2016

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