How To Quickly Install A New Cord On A Used Dryer


If you just picked up a used dryer that is in good working condition, but just needs a new cord, you should be able to easily install a new cord by following the steps below.

Purchase A New Cord

You should be able to pick up a new cord at an appliance or home improvement store in your area. You will need to know what length of cord you need and what amperage rating you need.

To find out the length of cord you need, use a tape measure to measure the distance from the outlet for your dryer to the middle of the back side of your dryer where the cord will go. Then add another foot or two to that length. You don't want the cord to be pulled taut; you'll want it to have some give.

If the used dryer you purchased came with an owner's manual, find out what the amperage draw is for your dryer. If it didn't come with an owner's manual, the amperage draw rating should be stamped on the back of your dryer. The amperage rating may also be listed on a label inside of the control panel on the back of your dryer. 

Find & Remove The Electrical Connection Cover

The second thing you need to do is find the electrical connection cover on your dryer. It should be located on the back side of your dryer. It is a small square or rectangular cover metal cover plate. It should have a hole next to the plate that is almost an inch wide, but not quite.

This is where the cord will go. The cover should be held in place with a flat headed screw. You will need to use your nut driver in order to remove the screw holding the electrical connection cover in place. Once you have removed the screw, place the cover aside. You should be able to see the electrical connection screws now. 

Remove each of the three electrical connection screws; remember which one goes where. 

Attach The Cord

Take the cord and insert it into the hole next to the electrical connector box whose cover you just removed. Match up the three ends of the cord with the three areas where you removed the connection screws inside of the electrical connection box. 

The two outer cords and screws are the live or hot connections. The line in the middle is the ground. Place each screw through the screw slot in the cord. Turn each one until the screws are in place and tight; however, don't over-tighten the screws. Over-tightening the screws will strip them and make them extremely difficult to remove in the future. 

Make sure that the two outer wires are attached to the outer screw slots and the middle wire is attached to the middle screw slot. 

Reattach The Electrical Connection Cover

Now all you need to do to wrap up the job is place the electrical connection cover back in place and tighten the screw. Then, plug in the new cord and enjoy your new-to-you dryer! 

Once you purchase the cord, you should be able to quickly complete this repair job in a few minutes. 

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7 January 2016

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