Learn How To Quickly Defrost A Freezer


If the door to your freezer won't close because of ice that has accumulated on the interior parts of it, learn how to quickly defrost it with the following tips. After the freezer has been defrosted, the appliance will be energy efficient and food that is stored inside of it will remain fresh.  


  • coolers 
  • ice cubes
  • trash bags
  • vinyl tarps
  • vinegar
  • water 
  • spray bottle
  • towels
  • pots of boiling water (various sizes)
  • spatula
  • soapy sponge

Store The Food And Begin Melting The Ice

Unplug the freezer's electrical cord. Place the frozen food items inside of coolers that are filled with ice. If the temperature outside is low, place the food items in trash bags that are tightly sealed at the top and set them on your front porch or the steps leading to your house. Place vinyl tarps on the floor in front of the freezer so that it is not exposed to moisture as the ice melts. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts of vinegar and water and shake the contents until they are mixed together.

Spray the mixture over the icy surfaces inside of the freezer. Vinegar is a natural deicer that can be used to speed up the melting process. Close the freezer door as the ice begins to melt. Clean up water as it seeps out of the freezer with towels.

Place Pots Of Boiling Water In The Freezer

Boil several pots of water. Place them inside of the freezer. Keep the door to the freezer closed for several minutes so that the boiling water begins melting the ice. Inspect the freezer periodically to check the status of the melting ice. Chip away at the ice with a spatula. As sections of ice break off, place them in the kitchen sink. Fill up the pots with more boiling water as needed.

Once all of the ice has melted, clean the inside of the freezer with a soapy sponge. Wipe away the soapy residue with plain water. Dry the interior parts of the freezer with a towel. Plug in the freezer and place all of the food items back inside of it.

Prevent Frost From Forming In The Future

Keep the freezer door closed securely to prevent ice from forming. Dry off frozen packages before placing them in the freezer. Do not overfill the freezer and keep food items neatly stacked. All of these tips will help keep the freezer frost free. For further assistance, contact local appliance service professionals, such as those from Collier County Appliance Service, Inc.


3 August 2015

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