Troubleshooting A Loud, Noisy Refrigerator


One of the most common issues people have with their refrigerators is noise. While every refrigerator will emit a low, humming sound, it should be fairly constant and blend into the background. If the refrigerator alternatively becomes very loud or starts rattling, there's likely something wrong with it. It may be operating fine now, but will likely break down later on.

Check the Evaporator Motor

Pull the refrigerator out and examine the fan at the back of it that is expelling warm air. If this fan is wobbling or the sound seems to be coming from it, it's likely that the fan has worked its way loose with time. Unplug the refrigerator, and then open the refrigerator by unscrewing the casing. Once in, tighten the screws that are around the fan. You should be able to complete this quickly enough that the refrigerator does not get warm. Make sure that you replace everything as it was.

Blow Out the Inside

If your refrigerator is fairly old, it's possible that there is something rattling around inside of it. Occasionally, bugs may get into the inner workings and then get blown around by the condenser. Open the refrigerator by unplugging it and taking off the back panel, and then use a targeted stream of compressed air (from a compressed air can) to blow out the inner workings. Replace the back panel and plug the refrigerator in -- hopefully, the sound will have stopped. If not, there might be something loose inside the compressor itself. In that situation, you will need a professional repair company like Affordable Appliance Repair.

Check the Freezer Ice Maker

Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. Many times, the sounds that a refrigerator makes is related to a malfunctioning ice maker. Empty out the ice maker and make sure that water has not frozen inside of it. You may even want to defrost the freezer entirely. You can turn off the ice maker by either flipping a switch inside the machine or lifting the wire that rests inside of the ice bin. If the sound persists after you've turned off the ice maker, there's another problem.

If your refrigerator is still making loud sounds, you should contact a major appliance repair company. An appliance repair company may be able to save you money in the long run; otherwise the issue may become bad enough that it could require you to purchase a new refrigerator entirely. 


20 May 2015

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