4 Reasons Your RV Propane Fridge Is Not Staying Cool


When you are out on the road with your RV, you depend on your refrigerator to keep your food cool. If your fridge starts acting up, and isn't keeping your food as cool as you would like, one of these culprits is probably behind the problem.

Make Sure Your RV Is Level 

If your fridge has been working fine, and then suddenly starts acting funky after you have parked in a location that is not perfectly even, the ground outside might be the problem. 

For the fridge in your RV to work properly, your RV needs to be parked on level ground. Your fridge uses is cooled off by an absorption process. Liquid ammonia combines with hydrogen gases inside of your fridge to make it cool. When your fridge is uneven, the liquid ammonia may get stuck on its way to the area that contains the hydrogen gas. This will cause your fridge to feel warm.

All you need to do to solve this problem is re-park your RV so that it is level. The liquid ammonia should start flowing to the correct spot again and your fridge should start to cool down. 

Check the Level Of Your Propane Tank

The fridge in your RV relies on your propane tank. Check and make sure that your propane tank is at least 75% full. If your propane tank is really low or empty, your fridge will not work. All you have to do to fix that problem is fill-up your propane tank, or swap it out for a full tank.

After you fill up your propane, make sure that there is not any air in the line. You can easily get rid of any air in the line by turning your propane tank off, and then right back on. This will allow you to reignite the propane flame and should also allow any air that is stuck in the tank to escape. 

Make Sure Your Propane Tank Is On

After you have checked the level of your propane tank, make sure that everything is set up correctly. The regulator for your propane tank should be turned on. 

Make Sure Your Fridge Mode Is Set To Gas

Then, check your refrigerator and make sure that the mode selector is set-up correctly. It should be set to "gas." If another option has been mistakenly selected, just hit the gas button. 

Before you start to call for refrigeration repair or figure out how to use ice-chests for the rest of your RV trip, make sure you check out these four common culprits that generally lurk behind hot RV fridges. 


13 May 2015

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