Tips For Troubleshooting An Unresponsive Electric Stove Burner


Although watching it may not really keep your pot of water from boiling, a faulty burner certainly could. If there's a burner on your stove that isn't heating the way that it should, you'll need to take some steps to narrow down the problem. Here are some of the most common causes of burner issues and tips to help you fix them.

Bad Burner Connection

If the burner of your electric stove is loose, it isn't going to make solid contact to heat the coils. Before you try to adjust it, turn the knob off to ensure that you don't risk burning yourself. Then, grasp the burner and wiggle it while pushing it in toward the connector. If the connection was the problem, the burner should heat up once you do this.

Failing Burner Element

If the burner's connection isn't the problem, you may be dealing with a faulty element. Swap the burner itself with one from another spot on the stove that's the same size. Make sure the one you swap it with works in its original home, then test it in the problem spot. If the replacement burner works, your problem is in the heating element of the original burner. You can replace the burner to fix this problem. If the replacement burner doesn't work, that's a sign that you may have a problem with the burner terminals.

Faulty Burner Terminals

The metal loops on the end of the electric burner connection are called terminals. The terminals plug into the burner connector to supply power to the burner. Inspect the terminals for signs of damage such as warping or corrosion. Clean both terminals with abrasive wool or something similar to eliminate any corrosion that could be interfering with the connection. If you can't repair them, you'll need to replace the burner.

If the terminals have a burnt appearance, it means that the connector needs to be replaced. You can remove the terminal by lifting the top of the stove and locating the plug for that burner. You'll know which one it is, because the wires are clearly routed to specific burners.  

While you're under the top of the stove, you'll want to check the connection of the wiring harness. It should be tightly connected to the receptacle. Sometimes, the only problem is a loose wire, and pushing the connector firmly into its spot will restore your burner's function.

As you can see, most of the most common electric burner malfunctions are easy to deal with by yourself. If you can't resolve the heating issue on your own with these tips, you'll want to reach out to an appliance repair shop to help you identify and fix the problem. Companies like American Appliance INC can answer questions and help you with troubleshooting.


9 May 2015

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