Don't Get Down In The Dumps About A Faulty Garbage Disposal


A garbage disposal may be one of those things that you don't really think about- until it fails to work as it should. Problems with garbage disposals can bring everyday activities and a smooth-running kitchen to a screeching halt, and should be dealt with imminently. Before you fret and fume, try a few simple tactics to pin-point the issue, and know when it is time to call an appliance repairman or plumber.

Some things you should know about your garbage disposal include:

De-clog your disposal.

When a clog occurs and grease is the possible culprit, first try to loosen grease clogs by processing ice cubes. If you think something non-edible could be jamming up the disposal, turn off the power source and water supply to the unit and remove the rubber gasket around the drain. Shine a flashlight down in the disposal to see what might be causing the problem and attempt to remove with pliers or tongs.

The unit is leaking.

Before you determine that it is the disposal causing the water, check the plumbing and inspect the pipes to be sure that these are not the issue. If the disposal is leaking around the sink flange, it could be that it isn't sealed properly. The best material for sealing these wet features is with silicone putty.

What's that noise?

If you are hearing a noise that doesn't sound quite right, and you are unsure what the issue is, you may want to try manually rotating the disposal. This requires an Allen wrench, which fits in right near the unit's reset button. Turn the wrench until the motor completes a full turn, and then try turning on the unit to see if the noise has stopped.

Disposal is not disposing.

Could your disposal be over-worked? If you have been using your disposal and the motor is overheated, allow the unit to cool for ten minutes and then hit the reset button. These are usually found underneath the disposal, under the sink or cabinet.

By having a good idea of the root of your garbage disposal's problem, you can narrow down who to call for repair. It is important to reach out for help sooner rather than later, whether you have a clog in your disposal or a leak in your plumbing, to curb further issues and risk property damage. Try these tips to determine what is wreaking havoc with your garbage disposal, and the best approach to getting the issue resolved. Contact A OK Appliance Service for more information and tips.


6 May 2015

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