Learn How To Change Your Fridge's Filter To Get The Clean Water You Want


Refrigerators that supply water through the door of the fridge use a filter to create delicious, clean water. Over time, the filter will need to be changed to keep the water tasting great. Many refrigerators have some sort of alert that lets you know when it is time to change the filter. Look on the front of the refrigerator on the area where the drinking water comes out of the refrigerator or inside of the refrigerator for a small light that is marked filter. If the light is lit, there is a good chance it is time to change the filter. Use the following guide to learn how to change the filter quickly and easily.

Find the Filter

In order to replace the filter, you first need to find where it is located. The two main places for a filter to be located on a refrigerator is on the bottom of the fridge or inside of the fridge. Remove the grill on the bottom of the refrigerator and look for a small circular knob. If you do not see one, look inside of the refrigerator to see if there is any round cylinder hanging inside of the top or back of the fridge.

Remove the Filter

Once you have located the filter, you need to remove it by turning the knob or cylinder to the left. You need to turn it in a counterclockwise fashion a few turns because the filter screws into place to stay secure.

Buy a Replacement Filter

Take the filter to a home improvement store. Look for a filter that has the same serial number as the filter that you took out of your fridge. This will ensure that you buy the right filter for your fridge, because many refrigerators use filters of a specific size.

Replace the Filter

Take the filter back to your house, remove the seal on the outside of it, and screw it into place. Turn the filter clockwise until you cannot turn it anymore. The filter will now be replaced and you can start to use the water from your fridge again.

If you have changed the filter and the water still doesn't seem as clean as it should be, you may have a more serious problem that needs to be addressed. Hire an appliance repair company like Master Tech Mechanical to come and assess the situation. The filter you purchased may not be working properly, or the water line of the water supply may need to be replaced. The repair person can figure out what is wrong within a matter of minutes and fix the problem for you.


26 April 2015

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